• Polar Bear Climbs Cliff For a Snack!
    • Polar Bear Climbs Cliff For a Snack!

      • He could be evolving into a bird...still more believable than climate change (global warming).On Flat Earth surrounded by the Antarctic Ice Walls no such problems exist!
      • Jan, 16 2017 10:41pm
    • CRAZY Pastor in Texas Feels Compelled To Tell Children in The Mall that Santa Is Not Real
    • CRAZY Pastor in Texas Feels Compelled...

      • It's certainly not his place to wreck good people investing their time to share what they feel is a cherished family moment,with the kids to make them feel special(this is how parents find out what the kid really wants) kids pastor.Maybe they were going to break the whole story to their kids later that day or before or after the holiday.But you just called them liars in front of their children,and scared innocent children,damaged their hopes or even much worse.Hey pastor there's pesticides in foods that could be harmful,I command you not to eat food anymore,you fat fk your next greasy burger will probably seize your evil heart.Ever thought of bringing a toy to an orphanage,and tell them how fortunate they are that they don't have awful parents forcing them to see satan clause?
      • Dec, 12 2016 01:19am


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