• The NAVY'S Rail Gun 100 mi Shot Proves The Earth Is Flat!
    • The NAVY'S Rail Gun 100 mi Shot Proves...

      • They say we are insignificant space dust just a matter of happenstance,but if we are the center of the universe and everything revolves around us it very well may change our perspective of how important we may be.Don't know the motives,but turns out the globe earth is actually impossible to prove from the math that goes with the story
      • Jan, 13 2016 07:08pm
    • The Censoring of Material on this Website is Officially Out of Control.
    • The Censoring of Material on this...

      • I respect the Mods,but I have to question if they are all on the same page.Hmmm ereeeek hand chose these mods,oh and he also changed the ebone rankings to unobtainable levels 300,000,000 to get to the status I was at already.We at least need a fake investigation.I was so anticipating a great sense of community here,did ereeeek take that with him?Can we work on that?No need to impose stealth authority and have standards that are extremely inconsistent.Change or delete the damn thumbnail or at least let us change it.Could be that was just the first picture on the list,at least let the gallery post before blocking out the thumbnail.Why so quick on the trigger
      • Jan, 8 2016 01:37pm


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