• Family finds that their dog was hit by a car
    • Family finds that their dog was hit by...

      • Yes I laughed at his reputation. Because of the name and not how low he is because I'm lower numb nuts. So your argument is null. No I don't care about reputation because why should I? This is one of a thousand sites that I post my videos to. You're the one who keeps returning without anything of substance. I bet you play World of Warcraft. Oh and welcome back. I bet you know this video by heart :)
      • Dec, 13 2012 08:07pm
    • Family finds that their dog was hit by a car
    • Family finds that their dog was hit by...

      • Stop by any time. I think I called someone a homeless person on here once. You can come back like a big fucking nerd to bitch about how dumb it is to call someone homeless like it's some kinda huge deal. Then you can break it down, over analyze and let it complicate your life for the next week so that it gives you something to do. I don't think you can look any more pathetic then you do at this moment. If you aren't a child and you're actually an adult arguing about a comment I made then go get yourself a girlfriend. Check out the sun. Walk outside and take a look around. Cause right now I picture a fat bitch sitting at his moms house trying desperately to build some kind of argument over a response to a stupid comment because there isn't enough going on in his life. Get a life you fucking retard.
      • Dec, 13 2012 10:18am
    • Family finds that their dog was hit by a car
    • Family finds that their dog was hit by...

      • You're the one giving a shit.I don't care if people like it or not but if someone talks shit to me then I can return it times 10. Whats the issue? Oh yeah the issue is that I mentioned his default picture and reputation. How pathetic are you. Well my insult was a fact and his insult was just something he was making up. If I were to type, No I'm not a fucking retard! You're a homo. Then that would have been stupid. I'd much rather make a clever comment that cause people like you to comment for days about nothing. Troy you are truly a pathetic loser. You're argument on my insult is so dumb that you must be a child. Only a child would get hung up on something so stupid.
      • Dec, 13 2012 10:08am
    • Family finds that their dog was hit by a car
    • Family finds that their dog was hit by...

      • Actually cvriv was the first to make a hateful comment by calling me a fucking retard with a camera because I captured some real life and posted it here. I responded to what he said and made a comment back to him. Then you get involved and instantly side with cvriv to hate against me for no reason. You responded to my defending response to cvriv so I made a defending response towards you. Go ahead and call me incorrect and unintelligent because you look like an even bigger moron when you do. The only incorrect and unintelligent one here is you and cvriv. So keep trolling the internet and negatively commenting videos hater. You can make an argument out of nothing. Take you for instance. You completely overlooked that some asshole made a comment to me calling me a fucking retard with a camera and just focused right in on the response I made to him in defense. You're a complete and utter moron just looking to talk shit. Well I know the facts hater so that means it's back to w
      • Dec, 12 2012 01:44pm
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