• Nicki Minaj
    • Nicki Minaj

      • Only outfit she should be allowed to wear is the one from Super Bass where she is in the daisy dukes and the tank top. I say this should be law!
      • Sep, 27 2012 11:27pm
    • Nyan of Duty
    • Nyan of Duty

      • Shotties like a melody in my head. lol dumb as hell video 5 stars.
      • Sep, 27 2012 10:50pm
    • Birth Certifict
    • Birth Certifict

      • I still laughed when they said the man's birth certificate was from Hawaii. Anybody that know about forged birth certificates can tell you the Hawaiian ones are easy. Just walk in and say when and where you were born and you get a legal one made right up no real questions asked. Been that way for decades after their records office burnt down.
      • Sep, 27 2012 10:33pm
    • Man Arrested for Staging Terror Threat
    • Man Arrested for Staging Terror Threat

      • I give you a thumbs up for that but I worry that there are too many "liberals" out there scared of guns to do anything. Still trying to figure out why they call themselves liberals when they want more laws to restrict people's freedoms and rites...
      • Sep, 27 2012 10:29pm
    • OBAMA 2012
    • OBAMA 2012

      • Love how weak insults get so many people's attention on here. Ignore information, hoot and holler for 1 liners that have been used a thousand times over. In the words of your leader Obama "Thats just ignorant".
      • Sep, 27 2012 09:50pm
    • How Stupid Is He?
    • How Stupid Is He?

      • actually fatwallet I am pretty sure you elect the same guys over and over while the hand full of people that pay attention are in the minority and end up being dragged down along with you.
      • Sep, 26 2012 11:02pm


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