• It's Time We Talk About The Comments Section
    • It's Time We Talk About The Comments...

      • Look. Ebaumsworld is a niche media website. You cater to us shitty people. Have you noticed that we are your only users? Don't attempt to be the chive, or some other bullshit place. We continue to come here simply because we can say fucked up shit, and it's completely normal here. Call it dysfunction, call it whatever you want. That's the reality of your website. Start restricting shit, and I absolutely guarantee you will lose an immense amount of users. Hell, I'm fairly certain you took a big hit after the mature section was taken down too. Realize this websites place in the interwebz, and run with it. Don't copy other shit or try to be some other websites. Do your own shit, and run with it while taking a shit at full speed Flipping off everyone along the way.
      • Apr, 6 2017 12:13am
    • F14 Pulls Off Amazing Trick
    • F14 Pulls Off Amazing Trick

      • Did you just randomly guess what kind of fighter this is? This is not even close to an f14. It's either a Rafaele or a EF Typhoon. Plus it's a remote control jet. FFS.
      • Aug, 27 2016 05:53pm
    • Government Secrets Big Hoaxes Flat Earth
    • Government Secrets Big Hoaxes Flat Earth

      • Wtf did I just watch? If you don't believe the earth is a sphere, go up in an airplane. You will literally see the curvature of the earth... WTF is wrong with people?
      • Feb, 2 2016 12:29am
    • FBI MURDERS Robert Finicum
    • FBI MURDERS Robert Finicum

      • Your description very clearly is not what happened in the video. I wanted to believe that he did nothing wrong and was murdered, but I just watched him reach into his clothing, likely for a weapon. Any LEO would shoot at that point, and I don't blame them. It's survival at that point.
      • Jan, 29 2016 05:12am


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