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    • 20 Facts
      • 20 Facts
      • Get these guns off of here before they start shooting people!!
      • 08:52am Apr, 1 2014
    • Flirty Birdy
      • Flirty Birdy
      • It reminded me of sex with my wife. Fun in the beginning, but you can tell she's a little irritated by the end,
      • 07:40am Apr, 1 2014
    • Driver on PCP Hits Pimped Out Ride
      • Driver on PCP Hits Pimped Out Ride
      • I'm sorry. But black people like this make me fucking sick. Why in the hell can't they just act normal? Driver, angry mob, and all. What the fuck? Seriously, be CIVILIZED. Otherwise you simply prove to the others that your race is incapable of being civilized. Usually I could say that the minority makes the majority look bad (republicans, hunters, etc.), but in this case, its the other way around. I don't like saying it, but it's fucking true.
      • 07:17am Apr, 1 2014
    • Redneck Road Rage Ends With Instant Karma
      • Redneck Road Rage Ends With Instant Karma
      • Wrong. He slowed back down after he saw the camera, so he could flip it off. You can even hear his truck decelerating, and then you hear the truck's turbo wind back up when he accelerates to pull back along side her. He was being the douche here. HOWEVER. She was going 60 in the fast lane, so she was definitely being a dick in that regard.
      • 11:10pm Mar, 29 2014
    • APD releases HelmetCam footage of shooting
      • APD releases HelmetCam footage of shooting
      • This may be one of the most disturbing Police video's I've ever seen. And they're on PAID LEAVE? Throw them in prison. Especially the one who said "BOO-YA!", right after he murdered him. This is disgusting, and a true testament to the Police State we are coming to live in.
      • 09:43pm Mar, 22 2014
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