• Republicans never LIE.
    • Republicans never LIE.

      • Oh my god... Lmao. Did you think this was actually a "gotcha!", kind of post? I don't think you understand things very well lol
      • Oct, 3 2015 02:26pm
    • Angry Cop Smashes Out Car Window
    • Angry Cop Smashes Out Car Window

      • Guppus, that is incorrect. Simple speeding is an infraction. A violation would be something like DUI, wreckless driving, etc. Therefore, it is not criminal, and not an arrestable offense. You're right that you would be fighting a losing battle, I'm simply clarifying what the laws say. Unfortunately, they are frequently not followed by the very people who enforce them.
      • Jun, 6 2015 10:05pm
    • Angry Cop Smashes Out Car Window
    • Angry Cop Smashes Out Car Window

      • Meh, i'm kind of on the fence with this one. The Driver was absolutely being obnoxious, and the cop was being patient. However, the window breaking was pretty ridiculous. Technically, the driver was correct. Speeding is not a crime, it's an infraction. You can't legally be detained unless you are being suspected of committing a crime. On the other hand, since he's driving he's supposed to prove he has a valid license too.. It's kind of a grey area that obviously favors the police since driving is classified as a privilege. The LEO was full of it when he said he was going to charge him with failure to identify. You do not have to identify until you are ARRESTED. Regardless, the driver clearly didn't have a thorough knowledge of the laws, and shouldn't be testing officers like that unless you know exactly what you're doing.
      • Jun, 6 2015 03:02pm
    • Web Junk
    • Web Junk

      • #35... It's called flying, you fuck.
      • May, 16 2015 01:32am


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