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    • 21 Deep Thoughts
      • 21 Deep Thoughts
      • Yep, I did it too. The only people that believe me though are the ones who know for I fact that I broke my arms. My left hand actually did touch my left elbow, and my right hand touched my right elbow lol It was some fucked up shit
      • 03:42am Oct, 28 2014
    • Cop Calls Dog Over
      • Cop Calls Dog Over
      • Yeah, I've had problems with him before on here too. As most liberals do, they place the life of an animal above a human. It's ridiculous, but it's what they believe. When it comes to one's beliefs, there is not much that you can do. My best friend believes differently than I do, but we still get over it, and get along. It's just life. Unfortunately, there are more idiots on here than any other website, so it's difficult for people like us to have a chance at getting through to them. Take it easy karozans, see you at the next absurd liberal comment lol
      • 01:21am Oct, 20 2014
    • Badass Citizen Pulls Over Cop To Issue Him A Warning -
      • Badass Citizen Pulls Over Cop To Issue Him A Warning -
      • Nothing could have gone badly if everything was handled according to the law. If it didn't, this cop was on video. There's nothing in the law that says you cannot question a cop about what they are doing, just like there is no law saying they can't ask us. They're simply another citizen with delegated authority to enforce laws. They really don't have that much power in the reality of law. However, the lines of the law are often blurred in their favor so they can get away with having more power and control.
      • 09:26pm Oct, 18 2014
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