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    • Aircraft Loses Power, Instructor Takes Over...
      • Aircraft Loses Power, Instructor Takes Over...
      • Lol ok, George. Why you're talking about Rotax, is beyond me. This is a Lycoming O-320, because this is a Cessna 152. How do I know that? Because I am a CFI/CFII/MEI, and have been for the past 3 years. In the highly likely case that you don' t know what that means, it means I am a Commercial Pilot, who teaches pilots how to fly. I'd say I'm qualified. I never even mentioned fuel pumps, which again, I have no idea why you're bringing that up. I was talking about a blockage in the fuel line, which would have nothing to do with fuel pumps, nor the make of the engine. So George, stop trolling, and go get yourself a career so you can make something out of your miserable little life.
      • 02:09am Jul, 24 2014
    • Aircraft Loses Power, Instructor Takes Over...
      • Aircraft Loses Power, Instructor Takes Over...
      • Why in the hell was he pumping the throttle? If that was somehow helping, then there was either a fuel line blockage, or the plugs were fouling. I'm willing to bet it was the plugs because the RPM gauge was rapidly changing, which tells me lost spark or fuel. If that was the case, all he would have had to do is lean out the mixture to lean of peak, and it would have cleaned off the plugs. At the same time, it would have increased the chance of a total engine failure, especially if it was a fuel line blockage. Probably a good call to not mess with the mixture unless he was above 3-4,000' AGL, which I don't think he was.
      • 06:52pm Jul, 23 2014
    • Situation With Police Becomes Unnecessarily  Complicated
      • Situation With Police Becomes Unnecessarily Complicated
      • brandazzle, you DO have to provide the necessary information IF they suspect you of committing a a crime. It's difficult for them to just say "yeah, you're committing a crime", if you're just standing on the sidewalk, but it does happen. That's why you ask them "Do you suspect me of committing a crime?". If they say "yes", you say "what crime am I suspected of committing". If they don't tell you, you can keep asking until they advise you of what you did wrong, at which point you do have to produce an ID, or at least your name, address, and birthdate. Then you can state your case if you want. The other thing is that you ALWAYS video record police encounters. It tends to keep cops more honest.
      • 06:25pm Jul, 21 2014
    • Some truths
      • Some truths
      • This is a complete joke of a gallery. Nearly everything in here is provable fiction.
      • 03:51pm Jul, 17 2014
    • Reporter Is Out Of A Job After This Comment About Black Males
      • Reporter Is Out Of A Job After This Comment About Black Males
      • He speaks the truth, so he gets canned because white liberal's guilt can't handle it. Why is the truth so bad? Why does "Political Correctness", even exist? Why do we constantly deny ourselves the truth, while we simultaneously demand the truth? It's a vicious cycle that there is no escaping from, unless one of the elements is dealt with. Do you want the truth, or do you want something palatable?
      • 08:18am Jul, 17 2014
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