• Gold Guns
    • Gold Guns

      • Wrong. The gun to the left is a Skorpion, and I believe the gun on the right is an XMBC. And the one in the middle is an M4.
      • Oct, 5 2008 06:58pm
    • dead space
    • dead space

      • Remember, before you buy it, wait for a review! It may look good but you never know if it is!
      • Oct, 4 2008 09:19pm
    • Man's Best Friend
    • Man's Best Friend

      • Yah Kaustic, purebreads may set you back about 1k but think about the vetrinarian visits that you'll be taking him and/or her to. That could set you back ALOT more.
      • Sep, 16 2008 11:30pm
    • I don't understand anymore...
    • I don't understand anymore...

      • Marine corp? I'm not tough enough to join them. I know I won't have enough guts to stay there for one day. Look, I'm not trying to act like I'm tough but my grandfather was in the airforce. I want to be like him when I grow up. Not because I think it will make me look good, but because I want to die with honor and pride for my country. How dare you tell me what I can and cannot do. I'd give my life up for the satisfaction of saving more people than my life is worth. I'm not mad at you at all. I want to thank you for protecting us and serving our country. I want to thank you for giving me your opinion. You are what makes America what it is. But please, you sadden me when you talk to me like that. You make me feel as if I'm worthless. It does make me nervous when you talk to me like that. I'm not going to lie.
      • Sep, 13 2008 10:13pm
    • I don't understand anymore...
    • I don't understand anymore...

      • You think I would disrepect fallen brothers? Hell no. What I mean is why should they die for gas? They have honor to full extent but I hate that they should die that way.
      • Sep, 13 2008 10:04pm


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