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    • The Evolution of PC Games
      • The Evolution of PC Games
      • Nice to see something other than just nintendo and console games featured. I even think I saw a commodore 64 game, either questron or the legend of blacksilver at 00:29.
      • 05:31am Jul, 19 2012
    • Marijuana, Not Bath Salts, in Canibal's Body
      • Marijuana, Not Bath Salts, in Canibal's Body
      • They saw an excellent way to infer that weed is bad Mkay and exploited it because they knew there would be a slew of people who now think weed will make you eat peoples faces. No one who thinks weed is bad Mkay probably heard it when they said they could not only not test for the bath salts but multiple new synthetic drugs now out there and only heard the reporter say it wasnt bath salts.
      • 05:08pm Jun, 29 2012
    • Lady Makes Out With Teen Boy
      • Lady Makes Out With Teen Boy
      • There is not a woman in the world that can seduce a 15 y/o boy, it just is not a real thing, it just does not exist, it just can not be done. All that is needed is permission and the boy would be on it like flies on shit. There is no seducing involved, there is no tricking, there is no fooling. The boy wanted to fuck her 20 minutes before he even knew she existed. What is the boy gonna say, "oh she tricked me into placing my pee pee in her hoo hoo and I just did not know what I was doing and I feel like a dirty dirty slut now." No he is gonna say HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSS YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
      • 04:49pm Jun, 28 2012
    • FAP
      • FAP
      • Wow #3 I thought Thunder blew up in Big Trouble in Little China already, he must have reconstituted.
      • 03:56pm Jun, 5 2012
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