• Me..
    • Me..

      • T|ts or GTFO.I'd still bang her in every hole, however.
      • Aug, 20 2014 05:25pm
    • Critical thinking Test
    • Critical thinking Test

      • Fail! Obviously, you are not familiar with the correct definitions of the words "faith" and "athesists."Faith is belief without evidence. Atheism is the rejection of supernatural beings based on a lack of evidence, so...EXACTLY how are atheists holding on to faith?Stupid fvckwit.
      • Aug, 11 2014 06:51pm
    • An Amazing Gallery of Science Fun Facts
    • An Amazing Gallery of Science Fun Facts

      • Dear F/ckwit: What do YOU still not understand? Pineapples and porcupines DO share a common ancestor, but that ancestor was a primitive cell. Derp!Now don't you have some bibles to thump?Stay in school, kids. You don't want to end up as an ignorant D-bag like Haekel. :P
      • Aug, 11 2014 01:55am
    • Atheistic Tendencies
    • Atheistic Tendencies

      • 11 also makes a valid point (that we are all the same on the inside, regardless of sexual preferences), but narrow-minded bigots like MozillaCorp will never acknowledge it.
      • May, 14 2014 10:51am

      • Wow. You are an ignorant fucktard. Some of these statements are redundant (3, 4 & 5), while others are illogical (7 & 8) or just flat-out incorrect (9). This graphic is bullcrap -- and we all know it. Shall we assume that you are a religious zealot? Stay in school, kids. You don't want to end up like Jnbhawkins, where your only vestigial organ is your dick.
      • Apr, 24 2013 06:04pm
    • 20's Beauty Louise Brooks
    • 20's Beauty Louise Brooks

      • I'm not crazy about the haircut, but she had a great face and a decent body. Pic #9 is the best one of her face, while pics #13 and #25 are the best shots of her figure.If she looked like that today, I'd bang her.
      • Apr, 18 2013 06:21pm


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