• Religion
    • Religion

      • Did you take the short bus to school?
      • Apr, 12 2013 07:32am

      • Remember, kids: If you don't sin, then Jesus dies for nothing!
      • Mar, 31 2013 11:07am
    • me
    • me

      • If she were naked, I'd giver her a bag to put over her head.
      • Jan, 10 2013 12:24pm
    • What's The Story...
    • What's The Story...

      • @Sgt524: I know it's difficult to do so, but pease don't be an ignorant & arrogant fvcktard. I live and work near Newtown, Ct -- and believe me, NONE of this is manufactured. The tragedy is all too real. Adam Lanza was the lone gunman who killed 27 innocent people, 14 of whom were children. Obama has nothing to do with it nor did he stand to gain anything from these events. I would imagine that right about now you are thinking "But what about gun control? Certainly he used the Newtown shooting to further his libeal agenda on gun control, right?" Wrong. When BOTH conservative and liberals agree that gun control is warranted, then CLEARLY partisian politics is not at play. Even the NRA agreed. So you found a graphic (that was made in MS Paint) which shows individuals whom closely resemble each other. Congratulations on manufacturing your own proof. It must be nice to live in an ivory tower (where you are untouched by recent events) and to be able to pass judgement on others.
      • Jan, 6 2013 07:43am


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