• Wake Up! Freedom Is Being Taken Away in America
    • Wake Up! Freedom Is Being Taken Away in...

      • Thank you for posting this! I saw this live on Fox and I couldn't believe it at first, this is complete bs! I always knew this was coming but I didn't think it would be this soon.
      • Dec, 19 2011 11:12pm
    • Parents Surprise Kids with Disney Vacation Fail
    • Parents Surprise Kids with Disney...

      • I used to live in Chattanooga and, take it from me, you don't want to go there. it's full of drug addicted homeless people asking for money and trying to kill you... Yea, if you think Disney world should be infested with princess crack whores and a box of used needles laying on the sidewalk for little kids to pick up and play with, go for it!
      • Dec, 19 2011 12:30am
    • WTC Jumpers
    • WTC Jumpers

      • Actually they weren't. Most of them decided to jump rather than burn to death. They fell at just under 150 mph, not fast enough to knock one unconscious/kill them in flight, but fast enough to kill on impact. There were a few that slipped or were pushed while trying to get fresh air from one of the broken windows.
      • Dec, 12 2011 09:29pm
    • Spiders Closeup!
    • Spiders Closeup!

      • Spiders really are beautiful creatures. They just look scary as hell.
      • Jul, 15 2011 04:40pm
    • Brown Recluse Spider Bite
    • Brown Recluse Spider Bite

      • OMFG... A massive ugly spider was crawling on my leg the other day and it looked exactly like this....
      • Jul, 15 2011 04:37pm


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