• This Guy Kills The 6 Second Rap
    • This Guy Kills The 6 Second Rap

      • Funny but the mustache ruins it. For whatever reason, it's forcing me to think of Riff Raff, which makes me think you're a w gger, which makes me hate the sh t out of you. You don't exactly look like a w gger but you are rapping and you're making me think about Riff Raff. You've ruined it. I can't like you.
      • Jun, 29 2013 03:44pm
    • Crazy Woman Thrown Into Pool Twice
    • Crazy Woman Thrown Into Pool Twice

      • How the f ck would you know? You a world traveler? A man of many languages? You know wtf people in other countries are talking about when they argue? Of course "we" look the stupidest to you...we're the only one's you understand and 95% of the sh t you see and hear is in English. You're the douche bag capital of your own ignorant and clueless little world. That little place called "my neighborhood and the internet" that you like to pretend is a f cking melting pot of culture. The fact that you would even imply that this f cking empire is full of douche bags...this mother f cking iron beast. You're so G d damn ignorant that you've forgotten that the US mother-f cking A consists of, so far, the most powerful beings in the observable universe. No man has found a single living thing that could withstand our power. There isn't a single nation on this planet that could survive the destruction we could deliver...if we had the desire. Yeah, we try to play nice but if we wanted to do it, we cou
      • Jun, 28 2013 11:46pm


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