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    • Blog Contest #1 - Tell Us A Bizzare Sexual Experience
      • Blog Contest #1 - Tell Us A Bizzare Sexual Experience
      • WTF is the honeymoon over already?Eriq has only been here days,lol.Seriously he's not forcing you to write a blog,it's not homework.Let me give a recap of things that happened B.E.Some years back,I uploaded individual pictures and started averaging approx.500 to 600views per pic and it was good.Next came the redesign and the picture category was decimated,so I went on to uploading vids and an occasional gallery averaging about 500 to 700 views per vid and if they the adult section was eliminated,it was quite an adjustment along with the difficulties of navigating on the redesigned site.Next the girls section became a land of limited views and anything uploaded to the main page that had a girl in it was banished to the girls section which became the area of no views,even though man ass became a regular occurrence on the main pages and was deemed acceptable.I won't even mention the visa troubles,but let me remind you we were given the power to embed or link vids right
      • 03:17am Jul, 23 2015
    • Well that's embarrassing...
      • Well that's embarrassing...
      • Obviously I did not give it as much thought as maybe I could have.I post them as they are no thumbnails no edits so I look for ones with no LOGO.I was joking about not watching my uploads,but it is an absolute race to get them up and I saw this one twice,but not even half way through.At first I assumed her pants split,but then I noticed what really happened.I don't know her age,and neither do you,and if you search for more of this type of vid here,you may find more than a hundred.I usually don't explain myself or get into battles with anyone,but you're words and accusations are very offensive to me.So I took this time to put the truth out there again and if you choose not to believe me then it is your problem,and I'll forget you when I hit add comment.In the past if I had gotten one or two honest complaints I would delete the material immediately,but you went after me like I'm creating clickbait,or have an illegal agenda.Let me know when you have a top five ranking here...don't you kno
      • 03:55am Jul, 7 2015
    • Ebaums doesnt support youtube link option..
      • Ebaums doesnt support youtube link option..
      • I've had that happen the tittle on youtube and grab a different vid.Just search for it again and it may come up with a usable link.Sometimes if you get it from a different site like Chive it will be linked through them.So always go to the bottom right corner and click there to get it right from youtube.Hope that helps buddy
      • 04:46pm Jul, 6 2015
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