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      • 07:49pm Aug, 30 2014
    • 32 Reasons Why Not To Have Kids!
      • 32 Reasons Why Not To Have Kids!
      • Yea,I thought it was funnier to combine those categories.To show some people that have kids do dumb things,like give them guns,others that don't give the effort to watch them properly.And then the kids that will find trouble,or just plain f things up,lol;
      • 07:31pm Aug, 30 2014
      • Obviously it's either his pasta chips or GOOGLE FIBER IN HIS NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!Sorry I didn't make that clear,but I must say I wish I was that happy about anything
      • 02:05pm Aug, 29 2014
      • KILLERZ
      • It must be the shades!Great pic 5 stars for bein real!Of course you must realize,galleries get more views better exposure plus a chance to feech too!
      • 10:42pm Aug, 25 2014
    • Time Off
      • Time Off
      • You are missed already,you're creative ideas for galleries is unmatched.Enjoy your break and be sure to come back like gangbusters,best to you my friend,Jay..P.s. (say you are doing it cause you are tired of waiting for cards,lol)
      • 11:05am Aug, 25 2014
    • 13-Year-Old Girl Exchanging Nude Pics With Teenage Boys
      • 13-Year-Old Girl Exchanging Nude Pics With Teenage Boys
      • Daughter suffers,but at least mom living under a rock now knows that the phone she gave her daughter has locks you can utilize.Time to read a book mom(iPHONE INSTRUCTIONS).Put mom in jail,oh no arrest the whole school.13 gee whiz
      • 10:34am Aug, 23 2014
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