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    • 31 Food Photos That Will Make You Hungry
      • 31 Food Photos That Will Make You Hungry
      • Who's dick is the poster of this gallery sucking? This gallery had no rhyme or reason. It's like you googled "Food" and picked the first 31 pictures that came up. The only thing the things in this post had in common is that they are all edible, but hardly any of them would make anyone hungry just by looking at them...
      • 12:50am Jan, 19 2015
    • Ashamed of being White
      • Ashamed of being White
      • Blood and features where obviously treated better, because of this, Mexico tried to be Politically correct and call everyone Mestizo, even though we are not. I believe that you should be allowed to be proud of your heritage, regardless of race. There is a difference between power and pride. We should all be proud of our heritage, we didn't choose it, but we were born into it, and to not embrace it is the true crime.
      • 02:35am Sep, 24 2014
    • Ashamed of being White
      • Ashamed of being White
      • I am of Mexican Ancestry and Heritage. Those Brown Pride fucks really get on my nerves. Most are band-wagoners and know nothing of their true history. It's a known, yet "hushed" fact, that depending on where you came from in Mexico... you have absolutely no Aztec blood coursing through your veins. I have friends of all races and backgrounds. I am not a Mestizo though, I am a Castizo, which the "brown pride" folks also try to shut down. A Mestizo, like a Castizo, is someone of mixed Indigenous and European blood. Difference is, Mestizos show more indigenous features, while Castizos show more European features and many are "Ethnically Ambiguous". Mexico, like the rest of North America is a mixed nation. You have many people of many different races, and Mixes, from Euro, to Indigenous, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Etc. You even have many "Pure bloods". Remember, as a "Nation" Mexico is about as old as the U.S. and still developing. Mexico used to have a "Casta" system with those of Euro
      • 02:32am Sep, 24 2014
    • This Is Why You Don't Mess With Dogs You Don't Know
      • This Is Why You Don't Mess With Dogs You Don't Know
      • Not that it's shown in this video, but I love when dogs "de-evolve" into their "pack mentality". One night when I got home, I decided to play a trick on my dogs and sneak around my back yard. One my dogs is deaf, but has an amazing sense of smell, still very careful and protective. Anyhow, I walked around my back yard for a bit, and the dog that could hear, caught my attention, but by heading right in a defensive "snails pace" for me taking my attention away from my surroundings, while the dog that is deaf sneaked around from the side, basically trapping me as a pack of wolves would. Needless to say I tossed the mask quickly as I could and spoke to them in my familiar voice and they ran up wagging their tails.
      • 01:55am Sep, 24 2014
    • This Is Why You Don't Mess With Dogs You Don't Know
      • This Is Why You Don't Mess With Dogs You Don't Know
      • This is true. Every dog I've had is great around White People, and Non-Indigenous looking Latinos. Light Asians seem to be fine as well, but for some reason, they just don't like black people or darker colored folks - eg. Dark Mexicans, Dark Filipinos, etc. Anyone light skin folks though, they treat them like they are part of the family from day one. Not quite sure why that is though. Built in defense mechanism, I guess? The best prank is when I bring over darker color friends, turn my back to them, and if they walk closely enough my dogs get between myself and them, and sit there staring and growling like they they don't want them anywhere near me while in a vulnerable position. I do it on purpose though, I'll turn my back on them just to see them freak out when the dog makes them stay where they stand and get no closer... I'm a dick.
      • 01:47am Sep, 24 2014
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