• Wild Dog Rapes a Kid
    • Wild Dog Rapes a Kid

      • "The mouth of the righteous is the one that utters wisdom in an undertone, And his is the tongue that speaks justly. The law of his God is in his heart; his steps will not wobble."
      • Sep, 10 2009 11:10pm
    • Funny Coaster Kid
    • Funny Coaster Kid

      • "one ISOLATING himself will seek his own selfish longing; against all practical wisdom he will brake forth." Get of the computer for a bit and go check on family. 5 min wont hurt
      • Sep, 10 2009 01:57am
    • Funny Coaster Kid
    • Funny Coaster Kid

      • What has the devil ever done for us? There is no need for satanic symbols or joining of a satanic clan. We are all already worshiping the snake. If we are not following the bible then we are automatically falling into sin. The devil rules this nation and everything in it. The devil wants to prove to God that we are selfish, crude, evil people. And if we act in such a matter, we are only proving the devil right. So I ask... what has the devil ever done for us that we should follow his lead? READ YOUR BIBLES AND FOLLOW IT. Armageddon is near
      • Sep, 10 2009 01:50am


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