• Horrifying Scene Shows Asshole Cop Nearly Killing Teen For No Reason
    • Horrifying Scene Shows Asshole Cop...

      • Here you go internet warrior, i helped you out, i pulled two supporting quotes from that article for my arguement. apperrently you didn't read the full thing..."Matt was furious. He and Stacy sat Bryce down. They told him that they were disappointed he was smoking marijuana but that his civil rights had been violated. Matt told him that if an officer ever stopped him, he had every right to know why he was being stopped, and whether he was under arrest. " "As hard as it was to watch, Bryce felt vindicated. He had done exactly what his parents told him to do. %u201CNothing I could%u2019ve done would have stopped him that day. I didn%u2019t do anything wrong.%u201D"
      • Jun, 8 2016 11:04pm
    • Horrifying Scene Shows Asshole Cop Nearly Killing Teen For No Reason
    • Horrifying Scene Shows Asshole Cop...

      • You guys seriously need to do your research before blasting off on your internet warrior keyboards. Bryce's father is a cop and told the son to to act in this manner since his son's rights were previously violated by the county police prior to this incident. The kid performed exactly as his father(who IS a COP) instructed him to do. Before seeing the video, the father thought the son may have been at fault, but when he was allowed to see the video provided by the FBI, the father/cop realized that officer Runnel's(in the video) was certainly in the wrong.
      • Jun, 8 2016 10:05pm
    • Tailgater Gets Brake-checked Straight Into a Crazy Accident
    • Tailgater Gets Brake-checked Straight...

      • That guy was not tailgating. They are both in Suv's, which changes your perception a bit rather than driving a sedan. Also, they had a car space difference between them. The one that did get into a crash had more than enough time to move out the way, but couldn't handle it. The driver in front was insecure and being an asswipe, I'm calling road rage on this one.
      • Jun, 5 2016 10:30am
    • 15 Year-Old Girl Knocked Unconscious By Police
    • 15 Year-Old Girl Knocked Unconscious By...

      • The one in the orange wasn't even fighting back. The fat one in navy blue was doing all of the work, if anything the cop should have snagged her. Regardless, that floor(tile) is not appropriate to slam someone on. I'm not sure it you guys heard that, but that was certainly a pop noise coming from the girls head hitting the ground. She'll be lucky if she doesn't have some form of brain damage. Better pray her parents don't sue the school and the cops separately.
      • Jan, 17 2016 12:02pm
    • A Tour Of Our New Desktop Redesign!
    • A Tour Of Our New Desktop Redesign!

      • Looks like this site is going in the shitter. No offence pepperpeanut, but it seems this site gets progressively worse for the sake of "family friendly" pc bs. The original Ebaumsworld was vibrant, it generally allowed almost everything with the exception of illegal actions like child porn. With the freedom that was with this site, came a populace that would give the site great renown. Unfortunately, with ebaum gone, this site is just a husk of its former glory.
      • Jan, 5 2016 03:30am


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