• Response to Bo
    • Response to Bo

      • ever seen idiocracy with luke wilson? hilarious movie..and deals with exactly this..long story short, luke ends up 500 years in the future and everyone is dumb a shit. the first 10 min of the movie goes about explaining this by showing 2 couples, a smart one and a hilbilly one..obviously the redneck chick has like 10 kids and the smart couple doesnt have any..its pretty funny
      • May, 4 2009 12:16am
    • Torture and Abortion
    • Torture and Abortion

      • its easy as this: terrorist=a person with feelings (legally at least) fetus=hasnt even devolped a brain to even know what life and death is or know what pain is. yes i agree its wrong and shouldnt be taken advantage of..and i deffinatly agree that anything after 2 or 3 months is murder..but do oyu know how many adoption clinics wold be many kids there would be that didnt have a home..itd be oveerwhelming. yea its fucked up but you gatta think of it like that.
      • Apr, 29 2009 09:55pm
    • It's been a while..
    • It's been a while..

      • already did wasn't too bad. I'm actually really glad cuz it's nice to have it out in the open
      • Jan, 20 2009 09:22pm
    • New Peircings
    • New Peircings

      • i got all the piercings other than the 2 i just got with a gun, and there fine. what's so bad about it?
      • Dec, 31 2008 11:36am


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