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    • Dog Sucks on Exhaust pipe
      • Dog Sucks on Exhaust pipe
      • accually...exhaust is CO(unstable gas) until it combines with air(or O2) and becomes a stable gas(CO2)...but hey, what do i know im just a firefighter and a HAZ-MAT tech???and what the fuck does a dog sucking in CO from an exhaust pipe have to do with fucking global warming???NOTHING!!!!!!!!
      • 10:40pm Jun, 28 2009
    • Redneck 4th of July
      • Redneck 4th of July
      • ebaums not a chick.......his name is eric or somthin....and ebaum doesnt steal videos.......other people do thats why 99% of this content is user submitted and if you notice.......not all videos have an ebaumsworld watermark on them.......only original video and content does......just to let you all know.......
      • 03:10pm Jul, 6 2008
    • Mentos Missile
      • Mentos Missile
      • how in the fuck is that low?????? y dont you go sit in front of your tv, and watch gay ass adult swim, jerk off to it and NEVER come back to ebaumsworld again because obviously no one likes you on here!!!!!!!!!
      • 11:26am Jun, 27 2008
    • Emo!
      • Emo!
      • THATS NOT EMO AT ALL!!!!! i no emo and thats not emo!!!!
      • 07:18pm Jun, 11 2008
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i love to upload content only for the joy it gives ppl watchin my vids and playin my games..........ok and for the awsome sweet prizes ebaum gives away.....also, I WATCH EVERY VIDEO AND PLAY EVERY GAME I PUT UP HERE!!!!!!!! SO IM NOT SPAMMING!!!!!! IF I DONT LIKE IT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT I DONT PUT IT UP ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!pease nigga...
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