• Sad Puppies
    • Sad Puppies

      • What can I say...they're all sad. *eye roll*
      • Oct, 15 2012 09:38pm
    • Bam Margera new twit pic
    • Bam Margera new twit pic

      • It is a toy, but under pressure from PETA, he quickly removed it and apologized to the world. An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer told of people in the area burning dogs in cages and PETA shamed Bam into removing it.
      • Oct, 11 2012 12:44pm
    • 2016: Obama's America.. Full Movie
    • 2016: Obama's America.. Full Movie

      • 2016 is more than just a documentary, it is evidence. Indisputable timetabled proof. Barack's own words, his own family and mentors words, his own actions, and his own record stands proof of his intent and actions to destroy everything America stands for and to transform her into something unfathomable. I am absolutely furious with every single person out there who blindly voted Barack into office without vetting and researching him and his ideals first! Any person, who after watching it in it's entirety still maintains that he leads our dear America with good intentions, and plan yet again to vote for him... simply does not understand or care about what being an American means.
      • Oct, 11 2012 01:34am
    • Retarded eBaumers
    • Retarded eBaumers

      • I too was unsure about clicking the mushrooms, but glad I did too. Saved it to fav's so as to jam while browsing gallaries. 5 starts to you!
      • Sep, 28 2012 10:42pm


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