• Fox News Channel Slams Sarah Palin
    • Fox News Channel Slams Sarah Palin

      • This from the left side what did you think they would say!! come on, this is typical of the left side, and no one gives 2 shits what you think fuckface halide
      • Jul, 11 2009 06:52pm
    • Yes We Can
    • Yes We Can

      • this is pathetic, and heres a little piece of vital info, that the media wont tell you, barack wasn't born in Hawaii, he was born in Panama!!! so keep agreeing with his communistic was, I fear for us all.
      • Jul, 11 2009 06:18pm
    • Jay-z - DOA Death Of Autotune
    • Jay-z - DOA Death Of Autotune

      • fuck rap, lol its so played out, now they have nothing else to rip off, so now they take classic rock songs to bite off of, how original....Long live Rock!!
      • Jun, 30 2009 09:02pm
    • Billy Mays Overdub
    • Billy Mays Overdub

      • fuck dare you disrespect someone who died, your a fucking asshole! piece of shit fucker come here to the hometown of Mckees Rocks and try to blast your stupid shit see how far you get fucker!
      • Jun, 30 2009 08:58pm
    • Slow-Mo Car Crash
    • Slow-Mo Car Crash

      • pretty fuckin where ever did you get this vid from?
      • May, 26 2009 10:20pm


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