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    • You're Doing It Wrong
      • You're Doing It Wrong
      • brendon8, I happen to be married to a girls born and raised in Canada and she considers herself as an American because she is from the continent of North America. She is from Canada as I am from the United States of America. Both are Americans! (I might also add that Americans include all persons in Central and South America just as all folks from France, Germany, Italy, etc. are Europians.)
      • 11:07pm Apr, 15 2014
    • Science!?!?!
      • Science!?!?!
      • If the intelligence part of #3 is true explain the ghetto women with the hugh asses.
      • 09:04pm Apr, 14 2014
    • People of WalMart
      • People of WalMart
      • Sorry, you're right. Early morning, tring to post quickly in order to get off to work. BRAIN FART.
      • 04:41pm Apr, 10 2014
    • Worst way to travel
      • Worst way to travel
      • Is it possible to give negative stars? If not, this post should be the reason to start letting it happen.
      • 12:29am Apr, 10 2014
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About Me
I am male, 6 feet tall, born in Koyukuk, Alaska. I now reside in north Florida, thanks to Uncle Sam.

I'm a Navy veteran with a gross sense of humor. I enjoy a good joke no matter what the content. I loved to party with the girls (both clothed and unclothed) but not to the extent I got wasted.

I enjoy reading good books, and listening to good music. I love going to the beach in my off time and am an avid scuba diver. I am an P.A. (Physician's Assistant) in a hospital for children with cancer. I love, and hate, my job, but don't we all?

I'm married to a wonderful young lady with whom I enjoy having deep conversations as well as just kicking back and enjoying life. She is a physical terrorist *ouch* (sorry, Cindy) therapist in the hospital in which I work.

We hope some day to have 3 children (one of each sex) but as of this writing [6/19/12] we only have our handsome son born 3:15 a.m. EST this date.
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