• 20 Awkward Sexual Shadows
    • 20 Awkward Sexual Shadows

      • # 6 is DEFINITLY altered. The shado whows the top hand as being toward the mirror when, in fact, her hand is next to her face. This means the shadow of her upper hand would be next to her head NOT as it shows on the wall. A definite FAKE.
      • Jun, 6 2014 06:33pm
    • Exchange Student Shot To Death Over
    • Student Shot To Death Over "Prank"

      • The formal unification of Germany into a politically and administratively integrated nation state officially occurred on 18 January 1871, almost 100 years AFTER the founding of the U S of A. Does tht mean that the citizens of Germany have the right to go into places that do not belong to them and take what they want? Oh yeah, I forgot about WWI and WWII. My bad.
      • May, 21 2014 09:48pm
    • Is this ok?
    • Is this ok?

      • Click on "Newest" in the top banner. When the page appears, find "Filter: All" and point your curson on it. The menu will appear and you will be able to click on the "Girls" section. You first, however, need to have you profile able to view this type of posting.
      • May, 15 2014 07:22pm
    • Graffiti Bomb VS Police Robot
    • Graffiti Bomb VS Police Robot

      • a$$holes like this tie up the system so that in case of a REAL threat or emergency the authorities are tied up contending with this adolesent bull $h!t. I hope they see this video and arrest all those incolved and make them pay the money spent on this inane cr@p back to the city or whomever. This kind of stuff is NOT funny and could put other people's lives in serious danger.
      • May, 15 2014 07:16pm


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I am male, 6 feet tall, born in Koyukuk, Alaska. I now reside in north Florida, thanks to Uncle Sam.

I'm a Navy veteran with a gross sense of humor. I enjoy a good joke no matter what the content. I loved to party with the girls (both clothed and unclothed) but not to the extent I got wasted.

I enjoy reading good books, and listening to good music. I love going to the beach in my off time and am an avid scuba diver. I am an P.A. (Physician's Assistant) in a hospital for children with cancer. I love, and hate, my job, but don't we all?

I'm married to a wonderful young lady with whom I enjoy having deep conversations as well as just kicking back and enjoying life. She is a physical terrorist *ouch* (sorry, Cindy) therapist in the hospital in which I work.

We hope some day to have 3 children (one of each sex) but as of this writing [6/19/12] we only have our handsome son born 3:15 a.m. EST this date.

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