• Waffle House Brawl
    • Waffle House Brawl

      • At 2:47 you see two terrified white people hugging eachother trying to look as unimportant as possible to prevent catching the eye of one of these monkeys and creating the perception of being involved in the conflict for ranking "silver back" of the Gorrilla's.
      • Mar, 1 2012 10:49pm
    • Waffle House Brawl
    • Waffle House Brawl

      • At first i thought it was Shirts vs. skins, then i thought it was white shirts vs. black shirts, then red shirts vs. black shirts, but then the two guys in red shirts started fighting and it fucked up my whole "team selection process" and I gave up and just placed this fight under the category of "fuckin niglets"
      • Mar, 1 2012 10:46pm
    • Would You Do This Without Hesitation?
    • Would You Do This Without Hesitation?

      • stupid girls, what if that dog was frothing at the mouth because it had rabies... and the people who originally locked it in that car did it because the dog was dangerous.... and then when the dog bit the stupid girls who let it out, the rabies virus mutated into some form of like "rage" virus like in 28 weeks later, and those girls end up ending civilization as we know it because they are bleeding heart PETA dusche bags... wait-a-go PETA you started the zombie apocalypse. STUPID FUCKS!
      • Feb, 27 2012 06:28pm
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