• Divorce Settlement
    • Divorce Settlement

      • I have had money on two separate times in my life and had two wives just take it all. The thing is I was willing to just walk away it seemed and was a small price to pay for some quiet non drama in my life. Congrats Tom and if you want to make sure it doesn't happen again then just dont acquire I said congrats and good luck you always seemed like a decent guy.
      • Apr, 22 2012 06:41pm
    • Are All Ron Paul Voters Fanatics?
    • Are All Ron Paul Voters Fanatics?

      • I agree and have been saying the same thing, I would consider Mr Paul but when i see the followers I cant help but think somewhere down the road we will be asked to drink the Kool aide it really is how this feels. Good blog
      • Dec, 27 2011 10:49pm
    • The story of Christmas
    • The story of Christmas

      • When I get time i am coming back to spank you and just for a warm up you are correct Jesus was a Jew. One
      • Dec, 27 2011 02:22pm
    • Is that whining?
    • Is that whining?

      • I dont know if anyone is stupid enough to call Obama stupid, arrogant? maybe? ineffectual? absolutely. Lacking real leadership or a pair of balls can not be denied but he will be president again and I for one am going to enjoy it this time. FUCK THE TEA PARTY is my motto.....lmao
      • Dec, 24 2011 09:58am
    • Is that whining?
    • Is that whining?

      • Well Thad first off I have never known you to be anything other than a class act in the political arena and its amazing that when you talk I like that many other listen. I certainly dont hold the fact that he is a Christian against him, I do hold his radical views against him and I say he is un-electable but then again I thought the same thing about Obama. The people who support this guy are just another type of Tea Party follower. I think Ron Paul is a supporter of the Tea Party but he found that as a liability and said some mild slap at them, just in case he needs them later, we certainly dont want to offend them. I am personally against any man or group of people who wants to dismantle this country at the same time they allow the rich to get away without paying their fair share. I like that fact that our Government has some although little, control on the Big Business because we all know they love to share the wealth. now before you think I am saying they need to give their money aw
      • Dec, 24 2011 09:54am
    • Is that whining?
    • Is that whining?

      • Ouch! Here is the thing I am not so blind as to think that ANY politician is anything but a liar and a thief. now there is some truth for you
      • Dec, 24 2011 09:34am
    • Baby, Paul, and other BS
    • Baby, Paul, and other BS

      • Wait just a damn minute are you trying to say that our Government would screw us? lmao There are times when my sarcasm doesn't come across.
      • Dec, 22 2011 08:13pm


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