• Another Political blog yay!
    • Another Political blog yay!

      • Sorry I meant to say intentions. also BTW I got 4 count em 4 thumbs down. Woo hoo now i am happy lmao
      • Dec, 21 2011 08:53pm
    • Another Political blog yay!
    • Another Political blog yay!

      • The Tea Party are NOTHING BUT TERRORIST PERIOD, they hide behind my God and wage wars, they want to bring this country to its knees if we dont do what they want. Trickle down economics do NOT work PERIOD. It helps only the wealthy which is what the Tea party supports, if you are trying to say that the Tea Party isnt the reason we have grid lock in Washington then you need to pay closer attention sir. Oh they started out with great attention and then they got power, we will break these people
      • Dec, 21 2011 08:51pm
    • Another Political blog yay!
    • Another Political blog yay!

      • I think Paul is a dangerous man or as dangerous as any other do nothing politician out there. The 500 pound IDIOT in the room is the Tea party, that group of people are dictating the powers right now. I think our only hope is the 99'er get some more power so they cancel each other out. I do not think Paul is electable because he has too many radical ideas and if he continues getting 20% of the vote he will be his usual non effective politician. I am still grateful he would allow me to buy whole milk the way its supposed to be. "The way I want" lol Boehner is just one more whipped Bitch of the Tea Party. Another trickle down political ass hat.
      • Dec, 20 2011 11:38pm
    • Santa, a Bottle of Seagrams, and a Swedish Massage
    • Santa, a Bottle of Seagrams, and a...

      • Loved the story and i have played dirty Santa before with a bunch of drunk people it was so fun. drink up you earned it too bad it wasnt a good bottle of bourbon.
      • Dec, 17 2011 11:14pm
    • Happy Merry!
    • Happy Merry!

      • Back at you Major and Merry Christmas to you and I am doing some charity work for the homeless its all good here bro.
      • Dec, 15 2011 10:17pm


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