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      • I will say once again I am not totally against Ron Paul nor disagree with what he says, just his ties to the Tea Party.Paragraph spaceI just think we are all in trouble and any man regardless of who you are who wants to hurt the Banks in this country will NOT be elected. He can think it and even secretly want to do it once in office but to say it out loud is just not smart. Money talks and BS walks.......
      • Dec, 12 2011 07:31pm
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      • Apology accepted but i bet you will do it again lmao and Red I agree 100% nobody seems to want to talk about the 500 pound mirage in the room but Norquist is that.
      • Dec, 12 2011 07:27pm
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      • Its all about labels and Mr Paul is a conservative Tea party person period.
      • Dec, 12 2011 07:26pm
    • Are you going to vote?
    • Are you going to vote?

      • No Red I said Gingrich is the great divider, he was and he will be again if given the power. I also want to say i would love to see Obama get re elected because there is nothing more entertaining and productive than a president NOT running for re-election
      • Dec, 8 2011 09:59pm
    • Are you going to vote?
    • Are you going to vote?

      • I am going to Vote and it looks like Obama gets my vote as of right now. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking pissed that the Republicans in all their wisdom think Gingrich? He is the great divider and we need a uniter. I also Think Obama is the WORST leader I have ever seen he is a do nothing president. Instead of working or attempting to work with the Republicans he is playing a better game of Boehner politics that Boehner can. I think it is really easy to say the vote doesnt count but i disagree, votes are the only thing these liars understand. I wake up in cold sweats at the thought of a Republican controlled world. Think people are starving right now? let that happen. When you think Republican think Tea party because they are pulling the strings on that party. nice blog BTW
      • Dec, 8 2011 08:28pm


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