• What is Really Behind the 99% Movement?
    • What is Really Behind the 99% Movement?

      • the rich have the power. I understand that the money is coming to these guys now and they are getting smarter and more organized and its looks like this election may just prove to be a lot of fun.
      • Dec, 5 2011 12:48pm
    • What is Really Behind the 99% Movement?
    • What is Really Behind the 99% Movement?

      • I disagree 100 % it is the ONLY way to change things. The other day when Philly was shut out of their area the marched around the city. Look my friend, what is going to change things? Nothing? Well if that is the truth then i say lets make the rich greedy mother fuckers pay if only for a minute. Its doing nothing and being defeated before we have ever tried that has us in this exact spot. Until these people got out there and tried to do something, anything, except nothing. I had no idea about the depth of division in the haves and have nots. Oh I thought i knew but I didnt. The truth of the matter is i wouldnt care if they stacked these parks with child molesters to get the message out. people need to know and if enough people know then maybe just maybe these bunch of greedy fucking pieces of shit will get what they really deserve...few weeks in poverty. The Tea Party started just like this the difference was the republicans threw money at their group and its just another reason the ri
      • Dec, 5 2011 12:45pm
    • Bullied!
    • Bullied!

      • I support you even if you are full of it most days lmao just kidding dude. ok sort of
      • Dec, 4 2011 09:37pm
    • Occupy  Occupation.
    • Occupy Occupation.

      • 1 in 6 Americans are in the VERY poor which means they would love to be at the poverty level.More people are out of work than in our entire history, yes i know we have more population. We have 6 banks in this country that are literally to fucking big to fail. I wish i could run a business knowing that no matter what happens i have unlimited do overs.This is but a few of the reasons we have OWS and it will continue to grow my opinion, and I want to go on record as saying i am a supporter of OWS but I am not sold on it as a whole. I need a little more info but I am very close to packing my sleeping bag and I have an edge on most of these people I have been in jail and would go back again for the right cause
      • Dec, 4 2011 09:31pm
    • A Week in Review
    • A Week in Review

      • Hang tough Dude quite simply? Fuck em Fuck em all!!!!!!!!!!
      • Dec, 4 2011 09:21pm
    • What is Really Behind the 99% Movement?
    • What is Really Behind the 99% Movement?

      • I have been watching these kids and although there are many of them exactly like Red suggest the biggest mistake we can make is to over look the anger. To so simply put it out there that the rich have once again screwed us is just not the case. These sob's took our tax money and turned around and screwed us and are continuing to screw us. The information is so abundant this will NOT go away, unless and I say unless there is a huge turn around in the job markets. These kids and believe this, they are NOT the only ones involved here many of my friends are involved and their age average is 55 and they are fed the hell up! I am sorry but just because people want fair does not put them in the Socialist group or Marxism or any other ism. What these people want is a fair damn shake not a handout. That whole handout crap is pushed out there and brought to you by your friendly neighborhood bank/wall-street/Government den of thieves. Nothing America hates more or scares us more that an ISM baby.
      • Dec, 4 2011 09:20pm
    • Traditions........
    • Traditions........

      • Congrats and i am not up on your story yet but thank you for serving this Great country, even though we seem a tad lost right now.
      • Nov, 26 2011 09:28pm
    • Traditions........
    • Traditions........

      • That is cool as hell bro and I know we both love the ladies how else did we get in this shape? lol
      • Nov, 26 2011 09:26pm
    •  Questions for the Partisans-Edited
    • Questions for the Partisans-Edited

      • That hits the nail right on the head they have no idea and they are going to cost us all big time if they dont get their ass together.
      • Nov, 25 2011 10:27pm


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