• why we canceled HBO
    • why we canceled HBO

      • yes ... it is fictional . Much like the other sewage HBO produces. Like Real Time with Bill Maher , and gay this and gay that .... immigrant documentaries .... "When the Levee Breaks I and 2 .... It was NOT "The Newsroom" alone .. I won't fund ANY of that crap anymore ..
      • Jul, 10 2013 09:14am
    • MK-ULTRA  the hallucinegen choice of government agencies.
    • MK-ULTRA the hallucinegen choice of...

      • whatever your theory or lack of one .. a SINGLE look at these three gentlemen and it is clear that they have NO idea what planet they are on , let alone able to plan a massacre .
      • Jul, 10 2013 09:07am
    • why we canceled HBO
    • why we canceled HBO

      • okay for my literary experts .. is that really all you have ? .. the spelling of canceled/cancelled ? okay .. as always .. you libs miss the point .. and as always .. the utter-ings of clueless people trying to act smart.
      • Jul, 8 2013 11:24pm

      • Okay smart guy ... I corrected the typo .. Paint doesn't have spell check so the thirty seconds it took to put this together .. yea .. that one got by me ... I can live with a typo ... this meme clearly how misguided HBO is for airing trash like this .. but your comment of John Spliff .. it smacks of a clueless persona trying to sound smart. I know tea party values just fine .. but if you think you can educate .. I don't want to get in the way of that . Proceed.
      • Jul, 8 2013 06:41pm
    • Not P Diddy
    • Not P Diddy

      • I did look at your meme ... and those are foreign officers, not Marines. Cmon .. that doesn't even look like a domestic setting ... that platform .. I don't know if that is Gorbachev or who in the background .. and that umbrella looks like they grabbed it from the prop department for Glee .
      • May, 22 2013 11:53am
    • Not P Diddy
    • Not P Diddy

      • I didn't look at your link .. however .. I don't think that United States Marines should be umbrella holders .. for ANY president .
      • May, 22 2013 07:20am
    • Not P Diddy
    • Not P Diddy

      • and .. I don't like this ... I don't care .. other presidents .. I am sure did the same thing sometime .. I mean .. I'm not saying it's the first time EVER done .. I wouldn't think .. but .. I don't think it's proper ... no matter the president .. and cmon .. I heard eight years of crying during Bush's terms ... give us ours . .. it comes with the territory.
      • May, 22 2013 07:19am
    • New IRS Logo
    • New IRS Logo

      • you wouldn't be saying that if it was progressive or liberal groups that were targeted. It would be wrong either way , Smitty's initial reaction to blame Bush instead of admitting the wrong , When the IRS apologizes .. there was nothing illegal on the part of the groups applying .. there was NO evading taxes or writing off donations , And the tea party folks had every right to name their group anything they wanted to . What part of the IRS "illegally" targeted these groups .. you should be ashamed of yourself. I wouldn't be happy about it , even if they were targeting whatever group that would have you. It's un-American. and .. honestly .. name calling really is the lowest form of wit. but I'm sure you already knew that .. because of course you know everything .
      • May, 22 2013 07:10am


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