• Porn Court
    • Porn Court

      • Do you even know what cum is? Do you even know what an eye is for Heavens-sake?! Ok, let me explain this to you; an eye is the thing you see with, cum is what comes out of a man's penis when he ejaculates. Oh wait... Do you even know what ejaculation is? That's what happens after you get dinged in the head when you were in your mom's fat belly! Oh wait... You don't know what a belly is either now do ya? It's what supports your stomach and its contents! You guys are so stupid! Do I have to explain everything to you?
      • Jun, 11 2012 01:53pm
    • Porn Court
    • Porn Court

      • You're very cute. Tee-hee! *Blush* Don't take me to court dumbass.
      • Jun, 10 2012 12:31am
    • Devil Had His Snack Breached
    • Devil Had His Snack Breached

      • God dammit! I hate it when I make these typos. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will correct it right away. :o)
      • Apr, 15 2012 09:11pm


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I have Asperger Syndrome, a mild form of autism. The only difference is that I can communicate, but it is still difficult for me to handle social situations... But besides that point, I'm just happy that I get to share my sense of humor, whether people like it or not.

I am the author of the book The Legendary Graduate, by my real name, Joseph Smith.

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