• So easy with people this dumb.
    • So easy with people this dumb.

      • The supreme court and the potus have bosses you don't know about. This isn't dumb. Maybe I'm a little harsh but I'm still correct in saying that Americans care more about superficial dumb shit like letting Homosexuals join the marriage club than crimes against humanity. All it takes for you to shut up and enjoy your day and be proud again of your corrupt country is to hear that Gays can get married, which the highest powers don't give 2 shits about. They laugh while you celebrate retarded shit like that. It's like a kidnapper giving icecream to a baby he just kidnapped to shut it up.
      • Jun, 28 2013 07:29pm
    • 15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless
    • 15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun...

      • Illegal guns will always be easily available to criminals. Gun laws will only result in a higher ratio of illegal to legal gun ownership. Then there's all the historical examples of governments disarming people, followed by genocide. I have the RIGHT to arm myself against other people AND the government, if you want to take that RIGHT away from me, you can suck a fat one. Remember, it's not too difficult to create laws to take away your rights, but getting them back could be nearly impossible once they are gone.
      • Apr, 6 2013 08:44pm
    • 15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless
    • 15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun...

      • I refuse to believe anyone is dumb enough to think gun control is a good idea. Even if you ignore the fact that it actually makes crime worse, its not that hard to see the evil intentions behind it. I'm assuming all the gun control advocates work for the government. Either that or they are beneficiaries of a new world order.
      • Apr, 6 2013 04:56pm
    • I like guns too
    • I like guns too

      • you know damn well background checks are not the issue. GTF off the internet
      • Feb, 5 2013 11:11pm


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