• Bio Station Alpha on Mars?
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?

      • again you want to keep harassing me over my spelling i don't give a shit our country looks down deeply on racial slurs as your comments so ill be taking this further so as for ip address makes it alot eaiser to find you thanks you provoked me with your comments and ill be writng a letter to the american ambasistor in our country in regards to this we enforce laws here on cyber bullying in our country so keep that in mind when you recive a phone call i've already found out who you are phill, hope you have a good lawyer, i can hit two birds with one stone seeing as i have scheduled to be go to the us a having it booked a few months ago and will be coming there soon and seeing as your so called brother cant do anything due to conflict of interest and even threatening me with him hope you have your socks pulled up when i go back there, you'll hear from me soon bye bye
      • Jun, 22 2011 11:46am
    • Weird Al Porks Fun at Lady Gaga for Coco Puffs
    • Weird Al Porks Fun at Lady Gaga for...

      • love lady gaga but that was funny love it, i heard she wasn't going to give him the rights to the song at first but the carzy bitch changed her mind im glad she did it was fantastic
      • Jun, 21 2011 11:18am
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?

      • it in my best interest to find your so called brother have you sued for racial comments on our country you think they will let you come back here so fuck off you are serously a sociapath get help! and as for our education and professions you need to do your homework so one more racist remark you will feel my wrath so i will ask you kindly now get lost! im sick to death of dumb igrorant people like you that think they know every thing when you don't know shit! sounds like you have no education or you wouldn't keep coming back pissing me off mocking my country, so you want to try and threaten me over my profession thats fine i'd tell you what my 3 brothers do but i would just spoil the suprise if you keep this shit up
      • Jun, 21 2011 11:02am
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?

      • oh youhave a brother now that lives in australia i work for one of the biggestt firms in australia and we aren't laywers you dick we have solicitors and baristers so call me violent all you want and mock my country all you want your justa pig headed man that sits on his computer all day being racist to us australians when we have done alot for your country your just a dick head go get your head checked you seriously need help and now you reckon your brother is the head of golbal investgations, come on now your even more delusional than i thought, did you google that too, now if you don't stop this harrasment i will make
      • Jun, 21 2011 10:44am
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?

      • are you gonna go cry to your mummy to find something else to write stu? clearly you have no life
      • Jun, 19 2011 02:58am
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?

      • stu 6 figures? what in comic figurines thats nothing mate and is that what per anual year? you dumb shit you mock one aussie you mock as all now your getting political? i wouldn't go there if i were you
      • Jun, 19 2011 02:52am
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?
    • Bio Station Alpha on Mars?

      • a guest of our goverment? pretending to be a lawyer? why do you keep nit picking i never said anything about martians you idiot and as for your opinion on my skills in court have nothing to do with debating with little cunts like you so fuck off with your crap. if i found out who you really are and found you tried to come back to australia id make in my best interest to stop you from coming in we dont like people like you and where did you go were there was no civilization? if not i just bet you kept your mouth shut, having a delusional mind as yourself you wouldn't of lasted long out here im not violent but just fucking pissed off at people like you that want to write negative comments as you do im not in court so i dont have to act professional just giving back what your giving me, so go back and suck on your mummys titty you fucking baby you have no life otherwise you wouldn't keep coming back for more that just shows you need a check up at belvue you mental sadistic sociapath your
      • Jun, 19 2011 02:45am


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