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    • The Georgia Guidestones;  Good or Evil?
      • The Georgia Guidestones; Good or Evil?
      • I like the Guide stones, and agree with most the stuff it say's...People freak out by things they don't understand, its a shame vandalism has occurred. They spray paint dumb shit like "jesus will beat you satanists" it has nothing to do with that, just because of that 1 little part that says population should be 500,000,000, its saying if we ever had to start from scratch such as after an atomic war, to not over populate. Plus they are just impressive, designed very well and have all those languages, somebody had a lot of cash to make these things.
      • 06:16pm Aug, 6 2012
    • WTFAQ
      • WTFAQ
      • Seems like a lot of overreaction. At least the video quality looks better. The ads are annoying, but as they mentioned up there ^^, things haven't changed that much, just a different format.
      • 12:37pm Jun, 16 2012
    • Life on Earth
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