• Roman Law
    • Roman Law

      • And thanks for taking the time to read my words. Really.
      • Oct, 22 2013 08:57am
    • Roman Law
    • Roman Law

      • I'm suggesting a mass repeal of laws. I'm sorry. I should have made that more clear in the blog.The U.S. government writes over 80,000 pages of new laws and regulations each year. Drunk driving is a good one. That started out as a good idea. But, think about it. If you damage property you have to reimburse the property owner. Sensible, right? But if the authorities can prove you did it while driving drunk, you have to pay the state too.Why should the state profit from the misfortune of an accident?... Because that's how they wrote the law.Shouldn't M.A.D.D. or some such organization get that revenue? Or how about we repeal the whole thing and just enforce what was already there? Sam Houston said, "Govern wisely and as little as possible."
      • Oct, 22 2013 08:56am
    • Roman Law
    • Roman Law

      • The reason all that legal jargon is in Latin is because it is based on Roman Law. Laws of Western Civilizations are based on Roman law. You can look it up. i.e. "ad litem" Look at any legal document.
      • Oct, 22 2013 08:38am
    • Choose Your Own Crime Stats
    • Choose Your Own Crime Stats

      • 2nd Amendment proponent, right? It's been repealed already. (Well, essentially) No need to report stats. Just look at facts. You can't have the same armament as the puniest military. Laws prevent that. Ergo, you have no hopes of winning in a revolt....Repeal of the U.S. 2nd Amendment.
      • Jan, 10 2013 11:44am


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