• Senator Says Earth is 6000 Years Old
    • Senator Says Earth is 6000 Years Old

      • if you werent such a moron you would know that NOWHERE in the bible does it say the earth is 6000 years old. furthermore i have met very few Christians that are "certain" the earth is 6000 years old. Most christians do not think that is the case.
      • Jul, 10 2009 06:06pm
    • Obama's Budget Cuts With Pennies
    • Obama's Budget Cuts With Pennies

      • aequitas the idea isnt to take 100 million out of our budget and put it into another program, its to take it out completely and give it back to the people... but obama is spending 1.3 trillion dollars we dont have a year, so it would take a 1.3 trillions dollar cut b4 we see any of our money back. but the 100 million is taken out of money we would otherwise have to borrow from china.
      • May, 1 2009 12:53pm
    • Obama's Budget Cuts With Pennies
    • Obama's Budget Cuts With Pennies

      • cwtcollege you could be the dumbest fuck on ebaums. 100 million is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. the government sends money to i dont know lets say 1 million towns, municipalities, states, organizations, groups, causes etc. if you cut $100 per recipient thats 100m, and that would not even be noticeable to them. hell if you did 1% across the board you could save billions and that could be easily accommodated. 1. japan did try spending their way out of a recession, and aggressively lowered interest rates and it doesnt work. 2. free market does prevail 3. this is not fox news propaganda. these are facts
      • May, 1 2009 12:19pm
    • Obama's Budget Cuts With Pennies
    • Obama's Budget Cuts With Pennies

      • "not perfect, but good enough" this statement couldnt be further from the truth. obama is a terrible president and almost every step he has taken to "help the economy" is just a big bandaid with crappy adhesive. once the debt, increased money supply, and increased budget catches up to us, this country is going to see bigger problems than we were facing b4. the argument that just because bush sucked obama doesnt just...well sucks. did you ever consider that maybe they both suck? that obama offers almost no real change from the leadership we have seen in the last few decades.
      • May, 1 2009 12:06pm


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