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    • Cop Tells Passenger 'I'll Put A Round In Your Ass So Quick'
      • Cop Tells Passenger 'I'll Put A Round In Your Ass So Quick'
      • So, why did they get pulled over? Just curious what the rap sheets are, on these guys? Overall, what are you trying to accomplish with this video? I do not see a full story of what happened. I do not get to see the actions of the driver, which may have (just possibly) justified the police officer yanking the fellow out of his seat.
      • 04:25pm Aug, 29 2014
    • The Worst president ever
      • The Worst president ever
      • I don't like Bush either, but this information is inaccurate. Definitely not a fan of Obama, and he has far exceeded the damage, this assclown has inflicted.
      • 07:58pm Aug, 15 2014
    • Fake Marine Is A Terrible Liar
      • Fake Marine Is A Terrible Liar
      • I would love, nothing more, than to see this little worm burn for his false claims; however, the Stolen Valor Act, which was signed in by Bush, in 2005, was struck down in 2012, because it was deemed unconstitutional (with respect to our first amendment, regarding freedom of speech). Unfortunately guys, you will not see this boy pay, in any legal sense, for his lies. I do appreciate the fact that you uploaded this; now this worthless little prick can be shamed by any who run into him. So, are Code Reds a real thing? If so, can you quickly inflict some much needed justice, on a piece of garbage, who has essentially insulted our beloved Marines (yes... most of us Americans still respect our bravest soldiers)? I am no Marine but, I would like to think I would be making the call correctly, by predicting that this butt head would never cut the mustard.
      • 07:47pm Aug, 15 2014
    • AtheismReligion
      • AtheismReligion
      • You are free to believe what you want. If you wish to be an atheist, I have no plans to stop you. Just curious... why do you feel the need to be evangelistic about it? You seem more hell bent on converting believers into non-believers, than most religious people, I know. When I see your arguments, in this gallery, it only strengthens my beliefs. I am an educated individual; a have two degrees; seen the insides of cadavers; I have seen people die - and that monumental change, the moment life leaves the body. All your fallacy of accent arguments only weaken any thought of considering your belief system, for me.
      • 03:08pm Jul, 28 2014
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