• Idiot Destroys a WWII Purple Heart
    • Idiot Destroys a WWII Purple Heart

      • seems pretty meaningless since the person who got it or the kids it was handed down to couldn't give a shit what happened to it
      • Jul, 20 2014 02:54pm
    • Joan Rivers Storms Out of CNN Interview
    • Joan Rivers Storms Out of CNN Interview

      • when every question is loaded and borderline condasending id say fuck you too. you can tell just by the look on here face and the way she's bobbing her head around with that sarcastic tone the interviewer get what she wanted.
      • Jul, 5 2014 04:35pm
    • Riot at Anti-Illegal-Immigration Protest in Murrieta
    • Riot at Anti-Illegal-Immigration...

      • everyone with your bullshit racism that you try and put off as politics like you would even know the real politics of this situation if it was slapping you in the face are the same people that backed a war that has us coming up on a trillion dollars of debt and if that money was spent here i guarantee we could have easily took over control down to the panama canal then boom combined GDPs and some more stars on a flag lol. this is ebaumsworld don't fight dumb with smart if you wanna feel like a winner just keep taking stabs at their personal life and eventually you'll hit a soft spot and piss them off and thats how you win
      • Jul, 5 2014 04:21pm
    • Dog Buried Alive Rescued by Firefighters
    • Dog Buried Alive Rescued by Firefighters

      • i wanna bury the person who did this up to their nose then shit on them till they suffocate or eats their way out then just bury them again and start over with less fiber in my diet
      • Jun, 2 2014 09:38pm
    • Just Rambles XD
    • Just Rambles XD

      • number 29 looks like fat fucks from jackass girls version
      • May, 31 2014 03:01pm


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