• Reality of Now and Later
    • Reality of Now and Later

      • God loves you....and if you dont love him back he will burn you in hell for eternity.... This is why im atheist have fun with that....
      • Dec, 8 2013 09:34am
    • Expendables 2
    • Expendables 2

      • Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarze*****, Sylvester Stallone.......all I need is some Viagra a 6 foot erection with a cheeseburger on the end... and the testosterone flowing....
      • Aug, 12 2012 09:08pm
    • Erasing Hate
    • Erasing Hate

      • would love to see the rest of the video.... got me hooked on the first 58 seconds
      • Aug, 10 2012 07:53am
    • LOL
    • LOL

      • and the million dollar churches feed a ton of people...with the gold toilets and big audio equipment...they are starving their own people with their luxuries
      • Aug, 8 2012 06:29pm
    • LOL
    • LOL

      • Actually tennwilliams the FDA is holding back science for cancer research and the church is holding back the scientist in stem cell research for cancer and AIDS and the government is helping illegals to stay in the county taking the jobs that nobody else wants...oh but the homeless and hungry they would love to have a job period....
      • Aug, 8 2012 06:27pm

      • Homeless shelters are overflowing... They are turning people away in my area... they sit up tent cities all over town some people have been know to break into bank repos and live there until the banks come to take over (sometimes years).... The problem is jobs are few and far between you want to resolve this issue deport illegals and revoke NAFTA... bring back the american jobs. better pay = better economy = less repos = less homeless
      • Aug, 7 2012 07:21pm


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