• Teddy The Asshole Cat
    • Teddy The Asshole Cat

      • Dear Mr. EBaum,As a fellow cat owner, no doubt, I must say your featuring of this lame as fuck video has presented evidence that your obsession with this creature has gone too far. So, fuck you. That is all. I thank you in advance for presenting me with Ebaums swag as an apology for this abomination. /jedi mind trick
      • Aug, 19 2012 04:58am
    • Who is Paul Ryan? 7 Fast Facts for Getting Caught Up
    • Who is Paul Ryan? 7 Fast Facts for...

      • Anyone who thinks the Democrats and Republicans are giving you a choice in this Presidential election is a moron. It is time to boycott all of these corrupt pieces of shit and vote third party...en masse!
      • Aug, 16 2012 09:46am
    • WTFAQ
    • WTFAQ

      • I was just wondering where that damn section wandered off to, hence the reason I came to the FAQ to find no damn answers and a bunch of people complaining about how bad the redesign is...and they are correct. Just going back to the fucking front page to look at the next feature has become a damn scroll then click process. I find myself having to scroll up and down to position the damn video correctly. Really?
      • Jun, 29 2012 02:23am
    • Man Cites Law, Cops Back Down
    • Man Cites Law, Cops Back Down

      • People are making a lot of assumptions about what happened prior to the cops showing up. People are assuming the guy was holding his gun, waving it around, or simply had it in a holster on his hip. Based on what is in the video, none of that could have been the case. As far as we know, he could have had it in a concealed pocket holster in the small of his back and the wind blew up and some libtard saw it, freaked out, and called the police. Personally, I don't care if the guy provoked the situation or not. He either knows the law and used it to defend his rights not to be unlawfully detained by the police (something that happens far too regularly in this county that is #1 for incarceration rate of its population), and at the very least, he probably inspired those cops to do some damn homework and actually study the law, which is something that you think would be required of fucking "LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS" more than it is.
      • Jun, 27 2012 11:15am


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