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    • Jimmey Kimmel's video response to Sara Silverman
      • Jimmey Kimmel's video response to Sara Silverman
      • So... Is this story a joke, or did this really go down? Cus if you watch the full episode where Sarah showed him the video, live, he goes to commercial right afterwards, and he seems really hurt.
      • 01:46pm Feb, 26 2008
    • Me being a dick on xmas 2005
      • Me being a dick on xmas 2005
      • That poor lady... she tries soo hard for him, $20 bucks says he gives her a nervous breakdown by next christmas if he hasnt already. What an ungreatful jerk.
      • 04:53pm Feb, 20 2008
    • Statue Taken Out
      • Statue Taken Out
      • These soldiers are doing training exercises for their JOBS. An M.O.S. called combat engineer. After a 48 hour defense all they have to look forward to is blowing something up. Either way you want to look at it, these men are out there risking there lives for 18 months at a time, so the citizens of the u.s. can be free. I'm sorry, there are alot of ignorant rants and comments on this site wich I usually overlook, but you my friend, are an ignorant asshole. When is the last time you did something honorable? Do some research before you make idiotic comments.
      • 02:10am Feb, 20 2008
    • Wal-Mart Prank
      • Wal-Mart Prank
      • I just got inspired to go to Wal-mart all of the sudden. Hmmm, and I think I just might bring my camera. LoL. Dude, soo funny. Excellent prank.
      • 12:28am Feb, 20 2008
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