• Nearly Hit
    • Nearly Hit

      • sailorjason and xoxoxo are right, but there are lots of other problems with hybrids. firstly, they're not economical, they take years to pay themselves off. if you lease a hybrid, you're a fucking retard. Secondly, aside from the other problems already mentioned, they're unsafe for the handicapped, especially the blind. I've been helping the disabled for 8 years now, and I've never seen anything piss blind people off as much as hybrids. they don't make noise when they're stopped at an intersection, so blind people can't hear them and don't know they're there. Then the Prius drives off and hits ol' blindey crossing the street.
      • Jul, 4 2008 03:34am
    • Special Forces Training
    • Special Forces Training

      • why do you insist on spamming? why? is it really that great a website, you have to post it here? I beleive that you've actually done the impossible. You've wasted the internet.
      • Jul, 2 2008 03:43pm


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