• It's Time We Talk About The Comments Section
    • It's Time We Talk About The Comments...

      • I'll add another point to my previous comment: If you take the comments seriously, you're part of the problem. Reaction culture is the biggest problem with today's society, and I felt like EBW was the last holdout for people who were able to actually capable of comprehending sarcasm.I commented back in 2012 back when the site drastically changed its format and kept it this way that it was "The last nail in the coffin"; I meant it, and I've been a lurker since then as opposed to an active user, and I only logged on since then for this topic. I guess now that someone in charge of EBW can't remember what being an adult prior to the 21st century was like, we're fucked as a community.Whatever. Here's to hoping that someone invents a time machine and we can just live the 80's again on an infinite loop.
      • Apr, 5 2017 10:42pm
    • It's Time We Talk About The Comments Section
    • It's Time We Talk About The Comments...

      • Pepper... I've been a user here for over a decade. I've see every change one could possibly see with this site. But this isn't Reddit; you're asking for this site to become Reddit. If you want Reddit, go to Reddit. You don't go to DailyMotion and say be more like YouTube and start censoring stuff.
      • Apr, 5 2017 10:24pm
    • WTFAQ
    • WTFAQ

      • Goodbye Ebaum's World. It's been fun, but this was the last nail in the coffin.
      • Jun, 19 2012 01:45am
    • WTFAQ
    • WTFAQ

      • For a faceless guy, you're acceptable... but you're still a faceless guy.
      • Jun, 16 2012 06:14pm
    • WTFAQ
    • WTFAQ

      • How is it that this page has a Domino's Pizza ad on the side, and the main page has Pizza Hut ads everywhere?
      • Jun, 16 2012 06:13pm
    • WTFAQ
    • WTFAQ

      • WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me with this bullshit redesign? Who the fuck created it? Helen Keller?!?!?!
      • Jun, 16 2012 01:36pm


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