• Unlucky Little Kid on Bike
    • Unlucky Little Kid on Bike

      • Are you fucking serious? That's not Britan! You're obviously too narrow minded to look past your own border! (Ps. That's Australia)
      • Oct, 6 2008 03:36pm

      • I wrote a blog with a simmilar message. ''ur gay cocksucker!!!11'' Hahaha
      • Aug, 16 2008 05:14pm
    • Getting to know everyone
    • Getting to know everyone

      • 1. Sligo, Ireland 2. Girlfriend, nearly 8 months, best ever 3. It's hard to find work, but I'm 16, and I make money teaching guitar. I've been playing guitar 4 years, and its the only thing I stuck to. I'm a guy, and I hate porn! I spend most of my time with my girlfriend, but before we hooked up, I got high every weekend with friends, I miss those days, but I feel better now. Sligo is on the grow, it got more shops/corporate owned buisiness' in the late 90s, before that, it was just a crappy irish town! But it has its fair share of old drunks, but its home.
      • Jul, 21 2008 06:41pm


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