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    • Thanks to eBaum
      • Thanks to eBaum
      • well i would just like to thank you for being a fag and posting something no one cares about... the problem is obvious you dont need to state it... it like you think people are like you and they still havnt realized it but you think your amazing for realizing it
      • 05:08pm Aug, 2 2009
    • i'm just sayin....
      • i'm just sayin....
      • why are girls so fucking stupid... it can be said both ways... girl are stupid/sluty because they think guys like it... and boys in girls minds are stupid because they just dont care... i didnt bother reading it just the first line or so and this is what i have to say
      • 05:05pm Aug, 2 2009
    • It's better to be a guy
      • It's better to be a guy
      • most of these is just because you care what people think... you can do all those things its just because your dumber or dont want to... because we just suck up the bad things and dont give a shit everything here is almost braught upon yourself
      • 03:28pm Aug, 2 2009
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