• Olympic Weightlifting Accident
    • Olympic Weightlifting Accident

      • I tried to order Fake Lesbians from Amazon and all I ended up with was Anne Heche DVD%u2019s, what a rip off! On a postive note I%u2019ve also found Amazon to be very intoxicating, I%u2019ve been online for several hours purchasing out of this world products like, pin-hole condoms, 5 gallon servings of MSG, penis pumps, Michael Phelps isn%u2019t an asshole bumper stickers, toy clowns for my little nephew (so scary), slap bracelets and hyper color shirts (come on how awesome where those). All this in one place, wow! I don%u2019t think I%u2019ll be this happy until the dollar store starts selling blow jobs. I do however write a rather stupid blog called, it%u2019s very low brow humor if you like that kind of thing. FART, POOP, SHIT, BOOBS!!! Go read it Hyde D Montage
      • Aug, 13 2008 02:21pm
    • Police Attack Handcuffed Man
    • Police Attack Handcuffed Man

      • It's MadLibs time I think cops should be ______ and _______ until they _______. I write the blog, check it out if you like boobs, beer and stupid douche bags getting put on blast. HYde D Montage
      • Aug, 12 2008 04:25pm


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I'm a reality blogger, I was sick of always seeing stories about famous people, I know people in my own town doing much dumber and more funny shit. I created a blog that lets you put your friends or enemy's on blast, why should Hollywood have all the fun.

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