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    • Black guy thinks he knows the law
      • Black guy thinks he knows the law
      • What he was trying to communicate that he does not have to comply with the laws concerning driving an automobile because he is not doing it for commercial purposes, which is the definition of "driving", under those laws. He is not carrying any passengers, thus not a service, nor is he carrying goods other than his own. Basically, he falls under the category of a man driving an automobile, not "driver", therefore he is just travelling, a voyager, a free human being going from point A to point B. He should have explained it faster and clearer.
      • 10:19pm Oct, 11 2014
    • Is There A Future For War?
      • Is There A Future For War?
      • We need to speak up for peace and democracy? Why not for Peace and the concept of nation-states along with international condemnation and sanctioning of non-compliant members of the UN? PS: Where's the stats about the FUCKING CIVILIAN DEATHS, IN THE TENS OF MILLIONS? And graphics that start with an extreme like the second world war, showing a downhill trend is just absurd.
      • 07:07pm Oct, 11 2014
    • 14 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier
      • 14 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier
      • Stop "throwing" fits to expressions and saying you don't understand. PS: Try the Webster dictionary instead of Google, you dumb fuck.
      • 02:06pm Sep, 27 2014
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