• Man Celebrating Votes Against 'Obamacare' Finds Out He's Actually On Obamacare
    • Man Celebrating Votes Against...

      • Hey, ya fucking Arab, whose values do you share, Stalin's, or Jefferson's? Every word you say shows your colors, and how absurd and illogical liberal mentality is.
      • Jan, 9 2017 09:23pm
    • Man Celebrating Votes Against 'Obamacare' Finds Out He's Actually On Obamacare
    • Man Celebrating Votes Against...

      • Nothing spells freedom like forcing people and corporations to act the way a centralized government wants. Obamacare is unconstitutional, I don't know who appointed the judges who didn't overturn it but I sure bet they were partisan as fuck.
      • Jan, 9 2017 09:20pm
    • Saudi women have flow!
    • Saudi women have flow!

      • LOL they stone women that get raped. They also decapitate gays. Fuck Saudi Arabia. Shot hole and global exporter of Wahhabismm, the chosen religion of jihadis and terrorists.
      • Jan, 6 2017 12:03am
    • Dante's Wings Gifs n Things
    • Dante's Wings Gifs n Things

      • Capitalism is an economic system of freedom to do business with whoever you want or not to. Competition is always a possibility because people are free to start businesses. Prices become affordable due to this freedom. In comes a socialist government and regulates and dictates and causes massive amount of corruption, FORCING people to act against their wishes and common sense. Capitalism is awesome. It's called a communist crisis what we're about to suffer in the Western World.
      • Jan, 5 2017 03:23pm
    • Why Flat Earth Could Be The Most Important -
    • Why Flat Earth Could Be The Most...

      • Where I live, the sun sets in the horizon. It doesn't get smaller, it doesn't leave in the distance... it goes under: I can see clearly half the sun, exactly like half a pizza, but brighter. I happily watched a sunset with a flat earther last summer. He didn't know what to say. The videos he watched claim this doesn't happen.
      • Jan, 2 2017 11:42pm

      • People fight for resources all the time, people the rich and influential also. Common activities between all classes include: Rape. Murder. Theft. Adultery, etc. Don't believe that the morality of someone has anything to do with how they dress or what they earn. But let me tell you something: The rich are usually smart, and smart and resourceful means they know how to execute a plan and get away with it.
      • Jan, 2 2017 10:21pm
    • Bad Plumber Causes A Huge Flood...
    • Bad Plumber Causes A Huge Flood...

      • I had a plumber do this to me one time, lucky it was only the bath, but enough splash did make it rain in the basement. And I told the guy a minute before if he wants me to turn off the main water valve. He said no. Idiots, there are many of them.
      • Jan, 2 2017 10:12pm


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