• The Last Few Months Of A Woman's Life Via Twitter
    • Last Months Of A Woman's Life Via...

      • Well, even though it's a youtube video, the point is someone is dead. Yes, I know it is a fact of life and happens everyday, A better place is no claim of mine but merely an attempt at compassion which I feel needs to make a comeback, but that is a seperate issue. Getting back to the story..... How is it that I am lying in saying this? Yes, I do not know the life of this woman nor her associations, family,etc. Anything is possible, I agree. But I also feel that a loss is a loss regardless of anything. I also want to set the record staight by saying that when i typed, im sorry, it was not out of guilt of any kind as if I were the cause or was responsible for her untimely passing. It was sending condolences. If anyone aside from Georgetownsendread my comments and got the wrong interpretation as well, I am clarifying what the connotation of my statements above are.
      • Jan, 27 2014 01:13pm
    • Corrosion of Conformity
    • Corrosion of Conformity

      • it's cool they're a three piece now, but man it would have been tight if pepper were there
      • Jun, 27 2012 07:50pm


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