• cops kill City council / County attorney Tim Rundquist
    • cops kill City council / County...

      • the police parked a police car right behind road spikes which forced the driver to crash into the parked police car after losing control from the road spikes. thats not suicide, thats 4 cop cars running their prey into a classic trap. they knew what make and model vehicle they were chasing. the driver was a city council member and county attorney, it's not like the police wouldn't know where to catch him later and issue the speeding ticket. there is no justification for setting up a death trap to kill a driver for speeding or running from the police, who have since issued "facts and numbers " that don't add up
      • Dec, 26 2014 01:16am
    • Jagerfilme
    • Jagerfilme

      • the boobs like being autographed all the same
      • Feb, 11 2014 07:04pm
    • Best UFO Sightings Of January, 2014.
    • Best UFO Sightings Of January, 2014.

      • most of those are deliberate frauds, not sure on a couple of them though, but the 2 orange ones, and that last one are just lens flares that anyone can do my tilting the camera, the orange ones are reflections off a window of a light behind the camera, I've recreated these kinds of sightings myself
      • Feb, 4 2014 05:24am
    • 4600 Year Old Step Pyramid Newly Uncovered in Egypt
    • 4600 Year Old Step Pyramid Newly...

      • the ancient Egyptian used red guide lines in all their structures and paintings,. the foreman roughed them out, then a 2nd more skilled person would check and confirm them and go over the lines in black. after that an even more skilled team of craftsmen and artists would come and finish the job. there are still both black and red guide lines inside the "great pyramid" meaning... I'm not even going to state the rest of what is obvious here
      • Feb, 4 2014 03:39am


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