• Cop doesnt understand the law
    • Cop doesnt understand the law

      • #1 stop being an immature prick and sign the damn thing and get along with your life.#2 Yeah, the cop may be stumped, but it won't help you a bit to be a smartass. It sure won't get you out of the original citations.#3 He didn't violate any of your rights to begin with so cooperate ya jerk.
      • Apr, 4 2012 08:26pm
    • water hole
    • water hole

      • This is why teachers tell you not to divide by 0.
      • Jan, 3 2012 10:47pm
    • Why is that okay, and this isn't?
    • Why is that okay, and this isn't?

      • How very Christian-like your derogatory remarks are :) Makes me want to go pray for you. And I would if talking to myself could help you.Another Christian over emphasizing how victimized the Christian sects of make believe are. Like pacdak said, "no effort underway..." Get over your delusions and join reality. Then you too will see how stupid your derogatory statements are towards other religions, and even and especially within different denominations of Christianity. You people can't even agree with each other.
      • Jan, 3 2012 10:43pm
    • Pastor says F You
    • Pastor says F You

      • New F word? Jesus Fucking Christ. That's just fucking stupid.
      • Mar, 23 2011 11:16am


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