• Manga Freak's House
    • Manga Freak's House

      • I would love to help them move....out of their parent's attic. You know they have never had sex in that room because all those dolls would never stay on the top shelf. That is why I put my dolls on the bottom my parent's attic.
      • Sep, 16 2008 05:54pm
    • Monkey Vs. Dog
    • Monkey Vs. Dog

      • And I thought the dog would win the 5th time around. What? It was the same clip repeated over and over and over and? The dog gave up, he could have pounced on the monkey's back.
      • Sep, 10 2008 01:50pm
    • Fantasy Art
    • Fantasy Art

      • For all of them being by the same artist, some are alot better than others in drawing quality as well as final touches. Like #10 compared to the "Mario" caricature.
      • Sep, 5 2008 04:01pm
    • Enough is Enough
    • Enough Is Enough

      • Hate to be that guy and it in no way makes this less enjoyable to watch, but this is fake. Staged like a pro wrestling fight, shot with a phone camera, and posted online months ago and the kids fessed up.
      • Aug, 28 2008 12:33pm
    • Products Made Honestly
    • Products Made Honestly

      • I am surprised there is not a "college cuisine" brand ramen noodle. I guess there already is, Maruchan. I was always surprised at how many cannot/will not cook a thing beyond boiling water for noodles or lighting charcoal for grillables.
      • Aug, 25 2008 07:55pm
    • The sweetest girl
    • The sweetest girl

      • I think I missed the point. The sweetest thing is she pumped gas and messed up?
      • Aug, 21 2008 03:56pm


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