• What Some Celebs Want Backstage
    • What Some Celebs Want Backstage

      • The stuff like mirrors and couches in the dressing rooms are usually non-negotiable, but most of the food items you can just buy out. For the mid level artists that we worked with at the bar I ran you could usually just give the artist and road crew cash to get their own food and what not. We never really had artists give us a hard time.
      • Jun, 8 2014 08:36am
    • Wojtek The Artillery Bear
    • Wojtek The Artillery Bear

      • I was in arty myself so I'm partial to the subject and just by reading through stories you come across things such as this. There have been a few articles written on him and Wiki says that there was a BBC special done on him not too long ago.
      • Feb, 19 2014 08:56am
    • Religion Etc.
    • Religion Etc.

      • I agree we couldn't have advanced science without religion, only religion had the balls to stand up to the witches.
      • Nov, 5 2012 05:11pm
    • Religion Etc.
    • Religion Etc.

      • Ya Ex I don't know how I let that one slip. Eye and Smb hit the nail on their comments, and Saw why did you look at this gallery knowing that what what you would read or see would bother and hurt you?
      • Nov, 5 2012 08:41am


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